What Polling Rate Means For A Gaming Mouse

What Polling Rate means for a gaming mouse? A common feature in gaming mice descriptions. Read more and find out how it benefits your gaming experience.

This blog post will be a FAQ style post so if you think any questions are missing, feel free to leave a comment below.

Question 1: What Is Polling Rate?

Polling Rate is the number of times per second (Rate) the computer asks the mouse for its position.

Question 2: How many Polling Rates A Gaming Mouse Has?

Gaming mice so far have up to 4 different Polling Rates, depending on the model and price.

If you are buying a cheap gaming mouse, it will probably have the default Polling Rate of 125Hz or 8ms.

Below I will list the 4 Polling Rates that exist.

125Hz or 8ms.

250Hz or 4ms.

500Hz or 2ms.

1000Hz or 1ms.

If your gaming mouse of choice has 1ms (or 1000 Hz) Polling Rate mentioned in the description, it will most likely have and the 3 other Polling Rates available.

They will be configurable through the software of the mouse.

Question 3: Why Are There 2 Metrics For Polling Rate? (Hz and ms)

What Polling Rate Means For A Gaming Mouse - Confusion

Both metrics mean the same thing. The difference is how each metric presents the information (or image) to you.

Hz (or Hertz) is a general metric that means cycles per second. You might already know (or noticed) that CPU or RAM or GPU uses this metric.

This metric isn’t literal as it is taken from the name of the man that invented it (Hertz).

The CPU cycles, the RAM cycles, and the GPU cycles aren’t all one thing. Every one of them is different. For example, I live in Greece, you live in New York. It isn’t the same cycle if I cycle all of Greece and if you cycle all of New York.

But they are both cycles. Each requires different procedures and takes up different amounts of time.

Back to our gaming mice polling “cycles”. 1000 Hz means that the gaming mouse gives reports of its position 1000 times per second. That’s how the Hz is interpreted.

On the other hand, 1ms means that the gaming mouse sends one report per one ms(millisecond). That’s how the ms part is interpreted. So with 1ms how many reports we get in one second? 1000. That’s why 1000Hz and 1ms is the same thing.

Question 4: The Higher Polling Rate The Better?

Not really. The control is harder and it requires more precise and accurate hand movements. Check out the following video.

Polling Rate Difference YouTube Video

Question 5: Why Exist Polling Rates If They Are Not Usable?

They are usable, but of course needs training to master them. Like when you get a new mouse that you still haven’t been used to(the shape, feel and gameplay).

And as you might already know, technology advancements can’t stop so even they are not very usable at the moment or not for most people, that doesn’t mean anything.

The same is with DPI. High DPI numbers are not useful to most people but they tend to rise as time goes.

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The above questions are the most common asked about Polling Rate. If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Overall, you won’t need to worry about Polling Rate too much as even some cheap gaming mice offer up to 1000Hz (1ms). But if you encounter any problems.

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