What Is A PC Gaming Monitor

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But now let’s proceed to learn what is a PC gaming monitor!.

What Is A PC Gaming Monitor – Intro

Gaming monitor is the phrase used to describe a computer monitor designed for use in a computer gaming system (“gaming rig”).

A gaming monitor is as integral to your gaming rig as your souped-up gaming PC(or gaming laptop) . We all know the thousands of monitors that exist. But they exist to provide us with different options. No need to get anxious over the plethora of choices.

Some common specs that you might have heard are Refresh Rates, Resolutions, Screen Sizes, G- Sync, Free Sync, Curved Monitors etc.

But have no worries. For everything there is a simple step by step formula and the better the formula the easier to understand and the less stressful.

What fun would be to worry or stress over a gaming monitor (or everything. Everyone that goes to buy something new is usually excited).

When you pick a gaming piece of equipment you must be calm as a surgeon but can reach the excitement of a child haha. Well you need to be calm to make a good choice and excited when you made the best choice! Or you can comment about that and tell me what works for you!

But it’s time to start with the details.


What Is A PC Gaming Monitor - Panels Image

Every type of panel has its strengths and weakness. We just learn the Pros and Cons of each type and make an informed decision.

Most gaming monitors use either TN (Twisted Nematic), VA (Vertical Alignment), or IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels today.

IPS Panels

IPS Panels offer much better color reproduction and larger viewing angles.

TN Panels

TN panels feature faster response times (<4ms) and are relatively cheaper.

VA Panels

VA panels offer the best of both worlds: speedy response times and lower costs compared to IPS panels; better color reproduction and viewing angles compared to TN panels.

YouTube Video On Panels

You might have had it with the text for today!. Check out the following video!

Panel Conclusion

In Short, if you usually play fast-paced games, it’s better to take a TN or VA Panel since they offer lower response times.

If you play immersive games, an IPS Monitor will be better because it has wider viewing angle and a wider colour gamut.

Note: The VA Panel is something in between the IPS and TN so if you prefer the “mid lane” you can go for VA!.


What Is A PC Gaming Monitor - Resolution Image

The three most popular gaming monitor resolutions today are:

  • 1080p (also called Full HD)  (1080p is 1080pixels vertically as horizontally there are more because the moninor is rectangular).
  • 1440p (also called QHD) (1440pixels vertically).
  • 2160p (also called 4K/UHD)”  (2160pixels vertically as you can see horizontally there are 4K pixels – it is marketed as 4K)

For gaming, the least you can get is 1080p. If you play competitive games you can go either for 1080p or 1440p.

If you want to enjoy the graphics and have an immersive experience you can go for a 4K monitor.

Note: 4K monitors need good graphics card so you need to spend quite much to get one that can play your game at 4K at 60 FPS (which is the minimum FPS for a smooth gameplay).

4K Monitors also don’t currently support higher than 60 Hz Refresh Rates which makes them unsuitable for competitive games.

For most cases you can just go for the 1080p which doesn’t require too much GPU processing power (even with high refresh rates like 144 Hz).

Aspect Ratio

What Is A PC Gaming Monitor - Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio is how wide the screen is relative to its height. The most common is 16:9.

So what this means in practice. 16/9 (making the division) makes us 1,777 (there are more digits but we can skip them).

The height of the monitor is 1080p (1080pixels when counting them from top to bottom). 1080 * 1,777 = 1920pixels from left to right.

Aspect Ratio is a like a formula that describes the relationship between width and height.

Note: If you were to count the height from the width (the opposite), you need to make the division 6/19 (and multiply with 1920 for a 1080p monitor) or else the result will be wrong.

But enough with the theory let’s take a look at a video!.

Resolution – Aspect Ratio Videos

Also check out the following video that is says that most Steam Users use 1080p monitors (60% in 2018). The video is mostly about Viewing Distance and has some mathematical formulas(one!) . So beware! (formulas are not scary if you know to explain them right).

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor(Hz) indicates how many times per second your monitor refreshes an image displayed on the panel.

The minimum for a smooth experience is 60 Hz. But for competitive play it’s best if you have a 144Hz Monitor (or more if you can afford it) , which these days isn’t so expensive.

Of course the graphics card must be able to produce this many of images in a second (Frames Per Second), or else the screen will show the same picture many times (Or if you have FreeSync , it will adjust to the framerate of your graphics card).

Most competitive games don’t have a high bar on graphics cards so it is possible.

Refresh Rate Video

Problems With Monitors


Tearing occurs when the graphics card sends more frames than the monitor is able to handle.

The result is that the monitor draws 2 or 3 frames in the same screen image (maybe 50% top is from frame 1 and 50% bottom is from frame 2).

It might not be always noticeable but is there and can cause problems to your gaming experience.

Check out the following video.

Tearing YouTube Video

Vertical Sync (V-Sync) – A Tearing Solution

One way to deal with the Tearing problem is to enable Vertical Sync. Vertical Sync forces the graphics card to wait until the screen has finished drawing the current frame.

Note: Do not enable V-Sync if you have lower or equal FPS than your Refresh Rate. Then you might experience Input lag and Stuttering as your monitor waits for the GPU to send it images.

Adaptive Sync – Another Tearing Solution


Adaptive Sync is nowadays the best way to reduce screen tearing. Both Nvidia and AMD have their own Adaptive Sync technologies (G-Sync and FreeSync).

Nvidia’s G-Sync used to be on expensive monitors at the start but these days has provided support for cheaper monitors as well.

Check out this link for a list of G-Sync compatible monitors.

It’s wiser to use an AMD Graphics Card for FreeSync and Nvidia Card for G-Sync. Of course there is compatibility with using AMD cards with G-Sync and Nvidia cards with FreeSync but before you try that, check out wherever you can for compatibility.

V-Sync & Adaptive Sync Video

Stuttering Problem in Windows 10

There is a process in Windows 10 called GameBarPresenceWriter.exe. This process can create lag problems in your game.

If you have a lag problem and tried everything possible , check out the following video and see if that works for you.

This video has a Part 2 which uses the registry to solve the problem.

I looked for stuttering videos on YouTube and found the above video that also mention about this process (GameBarPresenceWriter.exe). Then I remember a friend of mine with a new laptop had lag issues and latency/stuttering problems.


If your monitor has 2 years or more warranty then that’s good. In the US 2 years is not so common (as in EU).

But the best you can do is get a monitor from a reputable brand so you don’t use the 1 or 2 year warranty.

Conclusion – What Is A PC Gaming Monitor

So with that all said, a gaming monitor is a monitor tailored to specific gaming needs (For immersion gaming you can choose IPS Monitors that have wider color gamut and if you can afford it you can purchase a 4K monitor).

Or for competitive gaming you should buy a 144Hz or more VA or TN Monitor for higher response times.

My Monitor Lists

Note : If you want check out my Monitors’ Lists (affiliated) where I have placed monitors according to different criteria.

My Monitor Reviews

For the cheapest gaming monitor, check out my Acer SB220Q Bi Monitor Review.

For a reputable and cheap 144 Hz Monitor, check out my BenQ Zowie XL2411P Review!.

Also check out my Acer XFA240 Monitor Review, which is an 144Hz Monitor that has both FreeSync and G-Sync support. (BenQ has FreeSync).

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  1. This is a very thorough article and I feel smarter for having read it. Thank you for the information as someone that is looking into getting a new monitor.

    • No problem. If you buy a monitor for casual to serious gaming , you can check out the post about the 144 hz monitors. 144hz is like the standard these days for gaming (of course 60-75 Hz will work too depends how much you want to spend).

  2. Really nice information, I thought that any monitor or tv can be used as a gaming monitor and I didn’t know that for gaming the monitors should have these many specifications. I would be buying an ordinary tv without knowing any of these specifications. Thank you for sharing such useful information. now I got clear information on gaming monitors and now I can choose the right monitor for gaming.

    • Well you can use your monitor or TV for your games it’s just a gaming monitor has more features oriented to gaming. I have used a TV for gaming once and the only problem I had was when surfing. The letters were too small and I couldn’t read them well. I raised the font size but still some parts of the website weren’t shown correctly.

  3. Another masterpiece bird eye view of what a gaming monitor is all about. Its an interesting read and surely have given more insights to specifics to be considered before making a decision to buy a gaming monitor. Though I never knew it could require this much specifications and more but then, gaining much more knowledge is always a plus.

    • Yes, gaining new and useful knowledge is always helpful. Well the purpose of this article is to give a full breakdown of a gaming monitor with as much detail as possible. Appreciate the comment. Have a nice day.

  4. Hey there George. Thanks so much for sharing this well detailed article. I never really realized there were important differences between which monitor to game on. Now I know the kind of monitor I should get for immersion gaming. Definitely going with the 4k monitor. I am gonna share this article with my friends because I found it helpful. I look forward to reading more articles.

    • I’m glad you found this article useful. I will always update it as necessary but feel free to ask anything. Have a nice day

  5. Hello George,

    This is really a great and helpful article about Gaming Monitor. Today’s generation is gaming generation everyone plays games. Many gaming lovers don’t have a gaming monitor this is so bad for a gaming love because a gamer don,t see clear then how can he play. The best gaming monitor is necessary for a game lover or a gamer. In your article, you discribe everything that a game needs to focus when he plays games. Let me add that I also play games and my favorite game is PUBG. for this game, I think your article is the best article for a gamer. Can you help me to get the best experience of playing games?

    Thanks for such a wonderful and helpful article.

    • SInce PubG is an FPS you need high response times (1ms). TN (Twisted Nematic) Monitors can offer these response times. If your monitor has FreeSync or G-Sync it can help prevent Screen Tearing and Stuttering.

      Also check out a problem with this process : GameBarPresenceWriter. It might be the issue if you have lags in your game. I found out this problem together and a friend which I play LoL with has lag problems (with new laptop) and this process can be the issue.

      Well all you can after you pick the best possible monitor is hope that it does last. If you get a new one I hope it will last.

  6. Hi, I have the Acer nitro VG220 gaming monitor but it has just been hit off my gaming desk by my eldest son so I need to find one that won’t break so easily

    Would the HPZ32 31.5″ 4K IPS UHP Monitor be a good replacement for it?

    I really do need a monitor that can cope with young children that are very boisterous, lol

    Can you help please?

    • You need a mount to hold the monitor in place so that when your son tries to pull it out, he won’t be able. I looked up desk mounts and found one with good reviews. 32 Inch Mount. Well if you ask me you better get a BenQ Monitor since this brand is known in gaming. It has 3 years warranty as the HP Monitor you mentioned.

      Of course you can choose whatever you like I am just making a suggestion. I remember myself as kid breaking like 5 or more ps1 controllers because I got angry. And even now if I am losing (if it’s by silly mistake) I want to hit the monitor, the desk, kick the desktop case etc.

      Hope my answer helped you. Have a nice day.

      P.S : The Acer Nitro VG220 is an 22Inch monitor. Don’t know if your desk can fit a 32inch monitor. I just assumed that because you mentioned the 31.5″ HP Monitor.

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