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Redragon K552 Red Review

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Redragon K552 Red Review – Intro

So you decided to look for the Redragon K552 Red Review. Good job!. As you saw in the review box, it’s a full mechanical keyboard that’s the cheapest available and with lots of reviews (almost 3000 at the moment).

Also it’s current on Amazon Best Seller and to be honest with you, I am thinking of getting one (when I can afford it). Most likely I would get a Logitech one but after researching gaming peripherals I saw that Redragon are pretty popular (and with lots of reviews).

If you want a full in depth article about gaming keyboards, check out my article on this subject.

Here I will just cover the basics and be as short as possible. And that’s for the review to be self-sufficient.

3 Types Of Keyboards

As you might know, there are 3 types of keyboards. Membrane, Mechanical and Rubber-Dome.

Membrane are the cheapest and most common available. Mechanical are those who have switches on them and they are the most expensive. Rubber-Dome are the “hybrid” between Membrane and Mechanical. They use rubber dome switches on top of the membrane.

Rubber-Dome are cheaper than mechanical so if you get a cheap keyboard that isn’t membrane and doesn’t specifies mechanical, then it is rubber-dome switch keyboard.

3 Characteristics of Mechanical Switches

There are 3 characteristics that describe mechanical switches that you might hear about (or have heard about).

Linear Switches which need the switch to be pushed all the way down.

Tactile or Clicky Switches which do not need to pressed all the way down and each makes a different sound.

3 Types of Mechanical Switches

The 3 most known types for Mechanical Switches are Cherry MX Switches, Omron Switches and Logitech Romer-G Switches.

What Switches Does Redragon K552 Red Use?

Redragon K552 Red Review - Cherry MX Blue
These are the original Cherry Blues. Image from

The Redragon K552 Red uses custom switches that are like Cherry Blues. Let’s look at their specs:

Actuation Force: 50gf +/- 5gf.

Keystroke Travel: 2.0mm +/- 0.3mm.

Key Durability: Up to 50 million clicks.


Redragon K552 Red Review - Ghosting Image

This Keyboard is 100% ghosting-free which means if you press all buttons together, they will all register to your computer. You might have this term as Anti-Ghosting.

But because some keyboard has Anti-Ghosting it doesn’t mean that you can press all keys at the same time and they will all work.

Most keyboards provide Anti-Ghosting for like 4-6 keys pressed together.

Full Anti-Ghosting is also known as N Key Rollover (NKRO). The N is like a variable, so most keyboards provide 4-6 Key Rollover. When a keyboard has full Anti-Ghosting the N isn’t specified because it’s “like” infinite.

Website To Test Your Keyboard Ghosting

Check out the following website to check how many of your keyboard keys work at the same time. Careful with the Modifier Keys(Ctrl, Alt, Shift etc) they might work outside the site!.

Anime Intro Break!

It’s time for a Bleach opening haha! I must have watched this Anime 2 or 3 times. Well after DBZ (5 or more times!).

Lyrics Here (Not Very good but hard to find romaji + translation for this one)

Redragon K552 Red Video Reviews

First Video review says it works after 1.5 years? Cool haha.

Red Backlightning

Well you might think a simple red backlightning might not be cool. An RGB would be cooler!. Yes I agree but the one with the RGB Lightning costs more!


In the Amazon UK Website it says a Warranty Card is included. In Amazon US it doesn’t say anything neither on the official site. But I checked the white version of this keyboard and it says it has a Warranty Card.

So I guess there will be in this Red Version as well.

Conclusion – Redragon K552 Red Review

Redragon K552 Red Mechanical Keyboard

A Cheap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with lots of reviews and currently Amazon's Best Seller. Worth it if you wanna spend some extra money for a Mechanical Keyboard.

Editor's Rating:

So, we reached the end of this review! Well if you haven’t tried a mechanical keyboard, this keyboard can make a good starting point since there are so many positive features that surround this keyboard (Reviews, Best Sellers, Double-Shot Injection Caps!).

I will end this review with a KPop Outro Song. Have fun (Well if you like KPop!).

Redragon K552 Red Review – Outro Song!

Subs are quite off. You can check this link but not so good either! Hey Good Song but bad luck

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