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Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review

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4 Polling Rates


5 DPI Levels


7 Buttons


30 Million Clicks


RGB Backlight



  • DPI Further Adjustable (From 500 to 7200)
  • 4.3/ 5 Rating With 2000 Reviews (Amazon US)
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • RGB And DPI Colors Can Be Customized


  • Mac OS Doesn't Support the Programmable Buttons Function
  • There Is Not Good Compatibility With PS4
  • There Is Not Good Compatibility With XBOX

Are you thinking of buying a gaming mouse and you think you need to spend a fortune? Not really. Read more in this Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review.

Before you continue, you might want to check out my article that talks about what a gaming mouse is and if it’s worth it. It includes as much technical information as possible so if you don’t find it “satisfying enough!”, you can make a comment about it!.

In this review I will mention basic technical elements so it makes this review self-dependent.

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review – Intro

These days most people think that gaming mice are way more expensive than normal mice. That’s not the case. Even for reputable brands like Logitech, they have cheap mice which deliver (G203 Prodigy, G600 MMO).

There are even cheaper than the G203 and G600 but from less known brands. But if they are good the brand will become known anyways, sooner or later.

For example in my case, I didn’t know about the Redragon brand. But as I was doing my mice research I discovered that this brand makes good gaming mice and keyboards.

I did a review on a Redragon Gaming Keyboard recently. I might do for a gaming mouse as well. There are good choices for every pocket so why not put them on the table for everyone to see?

Well at least for wired mice. Wireless gaming mice tend to be more expensive and personally I don’t want them. Mouse wires never bothered me and I can’t think why I need to “stretch” my pocket unless I have some need for the wireless mouse (like playing from a distance that the wire can’t cover).


Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review - DPI

DPI is basically the speed of the mouse. The more you put, the faster the mouse will move throughout the screen. For an FHD Monitor (1080p), 4000 DPI is more than enough so the 7200 Maximum offered by this mouse (Pictek T7) leaves you with plenty of “air”.

For example, if you buy a 4K Monitor, the 7200 DPI can be useful to help you navigate the screen easily.

Check out the following YouTube video to see a visual on how DPI affects the mouse movement.

YouTube Video On DPI Difference

Polling Rate

This mouse offers 4 Polling Rate Adjustments, which is cool because you don’t always need the highest Polling Rate available (1ms or 1000 Hz).

1000Hz or 1ms is the same thing. It basically means 1000 Reports per second (The Hz) or 1 report each millisecond (Each millisecond is 1/1000th of a second).

Like you need DPI variations, you sometimes might need Polling Rate variations as well.

Of course they are less important than DPI variations but nonetheless critical in some cases.

Not all cheap gaming mice offer this feature so this is a plus for this gaming mouse.

The standard Polling Rate variations are 125Hz (8ms), 250Hz (4ms), 500ms (2ms), 1000Hz (1ms).

Below there is a YouTube video showing that 1ms Polling Rate is not always optimal for your game.

YouTube Video on Polling Rate

So if you have a cheap mouse that doesn’t have 1ms Refresh Rate, you don’t need to worry, as 1ms can sometimes impact your game in negative way.

Music Break!

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review - Music Break

With all this reading and all the computer related work everyone has to do these days, I’m sure everyone needs a break!

Japanese Intro Song

Lyrics Here!

Who doesn’t know Dragon Ball. Well you might mostly know about DBZ or DB Kai (Remake of DBZ without fillers and higher quality). Dragon ball doesn’t have intense power battles like DBZ but this intro is cool!. They are still making Dragon ball video games so it’s considered evergreen (They will never stop making them!).

And after that it’s time for a KPop Song!

Subs Included!

I knew Black Pink but I never heard any of their songs. Well after my niece (who can’t read yet) knew this band, I decided to see if they are to my taste. So far so good! (Well maybe not all songs but some of them!).

Onboard Memory

Onboard Memory is a gaming mouse feature that allows you to save your gaming mouse preferences on the Memory (RAM) that the mouse has itself. That makes the preferences mobile so you can “travel” with your mouse and your preferences together!.

There isn’t in the description a reference about Onboard Memory but in the questions there are some answers that mention this mouse has.

Pictek T7 YouTube Review

The above video review is the best I could find. The DPI is more customizable from the software so you are not stuck with the 5 standard DPI Levels.


30 Million Clicks

30 million clicks lifespan is certainly good at this price. Well SteelSeries Rival 110 has 30 million clicks as well so having a mouse with the same click durability can make green lights pop up haha!.

Over 2000 Amazon US Reviews

Well if it was like 500, I woudn’t mention it. But after a point, it becomes something that can be used to make a decision. Especially when it comes with an Average Rating of 4.3 / 5.

18 Month Warranty

So far I researched, at this price 18 Month Warranty is the maximum you can get so a green light here as well!.

Customizable DPI

Through the software, you can customize the DPI Levels to a greater degree, from 500 to 7200.

Customizable RGB Lights

Also through the software, the RGB Lights can be customized. Beware that without the software, RGB Lights will have a breathing effect that cannot be changed without it (based on the video review from above which was filmed 1 year ago).


Not for Mac

The programmable buttons feature isn’t available for Mac, so you are stuck with basic functionality and most likely default rgb lightning (breathing effect).

Not for PS4 or XBOX

Well this mouse won’t work for the PS4 or XBOX. It’s for PC and PC only!

Conclusion – Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse Review

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse

A Feature Rich Gaming Mouse that is Cheap and Worth buying (No need to pay a fortune for a gaming mouse).

Editor's Rating:

Hope you found this Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse review useful. Feel free to post any comments (tell me your opinion about the songs too if you want!).

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