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Who can argue that Logitech gaming mice are top quality and maybe the best of all. I have good impression and good memories logitech rx 250 pic 1 (This RX 250 mouse is working for me at least for 10 years) so i made this post to list and review (and share the excitement) about logitech gaming mice(I bought once one Razer gaming mouse but it didn’t work after about 1 and half years). Check the following link for in depth technical information about mice. (https://livegamingequipment.com/what-is-a-gaming-mouse/)

1. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

This beast has 20 programmable buttons and is certainly not only for MMOS . Amazon’s price is the cheapest right now. You can also buy it brand new from EbayIt has max DPI of 8200, high enough to play most games.

Amazon review analysis

Amazon has 2483 customer reviews. 1910 positive reviews, 573 critical reviews (avg rating 4.2/5). Most people found useful the positive reviews. But let’s see some of the reviews (positive). Below is an extract of the review that 126 people (so far) found helpful:

Positive reviews

I’m extremely picky with my MMO mouse. I have the original Naga, the Naga Epic 2014, and the Naga Chroma with hope that each new iteration would have improved button design (I was wrong, there is barely any difference between the Epic and the Chroma other than light spectrum). Finally made the jump to try the G600. Here are some highlights from each mouse that I’d like to point out, so you don’t make the same dumb buyer’s regret mistake I did for having 4 MMO gaming mice.
-G600 is bigger and as a result feels clunkier. You do get used to it though after extended use but it definitely doesn’t feel as “agile” as the Naga. I’ve compared this side by side swapping between the two for an hour. A bigger hand would enjoy the G600 more but if you have small hands/fingers, it may not be for you.” “G600 has an extra “modifier” key (aka “G Shift”) built into the mouse (to the right of mouse-2 button). But pressing this feels very stiff and is not anymore useful than just using the shift/ctrl modifier on your keyboard. I can’t imagine it improving your gameplay at all. If you’re bent on using this, it will take many hours to get used to pressing this modifier button in conjunction with the other buttons at the same time. It’s very gimmicky. If you’re using it for WoW, I would use this button not as a modifier but as a regular button for game-interface (like pulling up a map, bag, or inventory).” “-G600 buttons are MUCH bigger than the Naga. This is both a pro and con. It is much easier for your fingers to find the right key on the G600 but at the same time, because the keys are so big, it feels more clunky and slower to press than the Naga. This would be more applicable if you’re a competitive meta-gamer / PvPer and every second counts. -G600 has TWO “indicator bumps” for your thumb to realize where it is at. It is on “5” key and the “8” key and it feels sharp and very easy to find. The Naga does not have ANY indicator bump (yes, even the brand new Naga Chroma I have). I think the design choice for the Naga was to bank on muscle memory and not for your thumb having to find the bump every-time. In summary, the Naga is a smaller mouse and because the keys are smaller, its much faster to do combos/skill rotations on the Naga. The Naga just feels more agile but you will have a harder time with hitting the right keys you’re intending. Muscle memory and learning the Naga will take much longer than your finger muscles learning the G600. The buttons on the G600 are much more stiff when compared side-by-side, especially the G-Shift modifier AND the two “mouse4” and “mouse5″ buttons on top of the mouse. I’m at a loss for which I like better because they both do have their pros and cons. Goodluck choosing.” (Review Link that 126 people found helpful).

Personal Experience

Well i had one Naga too (the one expensive mouse i dared to buy and didn’t last longer than 1 and half years) but the reviewer above looks like he has more experience.


Amazon’s warranty : Warranty PDF from Amazon“Manufacturers’ warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors such as use of the
product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please
review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.” It basically says that because it is not an authorized reseller, i has only 30 day return guarantee. Same with Ebay.

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, 12, 000 DPI On-the-fly DPI Shifting, Personalized Weight and Balance Tuning with (5) 3.6G Weights, 11 Programmable Buttons

If you want a higher DPI mouse , this one has 12000 DPI, higher than the MMO mouse with 8200. It has fewer buttons but for most cases they are enough. Amazon doesn’t have this mouse so you can buy it from other sellers (through Amazon). 

Amazon Review Analysis

Amazon’s reviews : 3376 total, 2895 positive and 481 critical (avg rating 4.4/5). Most people found useful the positive reviews. Below is an extract of a positive review that 75 people found helpful.

Positive Reviews

“Now for features, this mouse packs a punch. Here are the features you get with this mouse:
Well tension-ed button, easy to click but not too easy to click accidentally. RGB lighting, you can change the color of the Logitech Logo and DPI lighting, unfortunately these are only single zone, so if you change the color of the logo, you also change the color of the DPI lighting.
Pixart PMW3366 Sensor, this sensor was introduced in 2014 with the Proteus Core, and is still one of the best sensors on the market to this day. It can track pixel to pixel movements, it also won’t lose track at ANY DPI level, and it can track up to 12,000 DPI.
Weight tuning, this mouse is around 120 grams without any of the weights, so it is rather heavy, while some will appreciate a heavy mouse this may be a deal breaker for others.
Free spinning scroll wheel, this mouse has a wheel like some of the performance mice. Push a button and you unlock free scroll, which is great for navigating long documents or just having fun, haha. It also tilts left and right, which can be re-programmed. ” (Review Link that 75 people found helpful).

Ebay Review Analysis

Ebay has 74 product ratings with 4.7 / 5 avg rating. Most critical review is that it lasted a month. Others are mostly positive.


From Amazon is a 30 day guarantee because it is not from authorized reseller. (Amazon Warranty PDF) . Ebay has it refurbished (with 90 days warranty). (Logitech-G502-910-004615-Proteus-Spectrum-RGB-Tunable-Gaming-Mouse-12-000-DPI). 

P.S : If you think of a better way to review or everything that can make the review better, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Yeah the price is very reasonable I would say. Any idea how long it will last and what’s the guarantee on this product.

    • Since it’s not from an authorized reseller, warranty is 30 days. Ebay gives you 90 days and it is refurbished. Official site doesn’t sell this model anymore it sells the newest g 502 Hero. I have good experience with Logitech mice i would have bought it for myself. I would be really disappointed if it broke soon (As my Razer Naga which i bought with 1 year warranty and it broke half a year after the warranty was void).

  2. Wow, technology really takes over. Good stuff,maybe I will buy one day. Thank you for letting me know about new (or just new for me) mouse

    • No problem. Gaming must be pleasant for everyone, from low budget to high budget. No one likes when things break. That’s why one must put the most research that he/she can before they buy and still it isn’t 100% guarantee that you don’t get something that breaks.

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