Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - Featured Image

Logitech G203 vs Steelseries Rival 110

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In this battle of Logitech G203 vs Steelseries Rival 110 the fight will be fierce and noone should take a break even if they win for now!!

If you low on budget and need to learn if a gaming mouse is worth at all, check my detailed article. The article also covers technical aspects of what a gaming mouse is.

If you already know or don’t really care, that’s cool. Sorry I asked!

Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - Sorry Image
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Let’s start with the Logitech G203.

Logitech G203 Overview

Logitech G203 vs Steelseries Rival 110 - Logitech G203
Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse (Image from Bestbuy)

This soldier weights only 85g, and it has max DPI of 6000 (Amazon, Best Buy).

But on official Logitech site, the max DPI is said to be 8000.

It’s a right handed mouse, with 2 thumb buttons, and a total of 6 buttons.

All buttons are programmable. Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - programmable image

It has an optical sensor and RGB Lights which are customizable.

It has a 2.10 metres cable length, i think that is long enough.

It works with Windows 7 and later (good for me i have an old PC with Windows 7!).

It works with Mac too (Well some Best Buy reviewer mentioned that as a con lol).

It has a durability of 10 million clicks (for Left/Right buttons). Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - click image

It provides acceleration of >25G and max speed > 250 IPS.

It uses onboard memory, meaning that your settings are saved there and wherever you go with your mouse, you can use your own personal settings. Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - Onboard Memory

Maximum polling rate is 1000Hz.

It has 2 year manufacturer’s warranty (on Parts and Labor).

Well it uses a technology called Advanced Button Tensioning so let’s see more details.

“Advanced button tensioning uses metal springs to help keep the left and right mouse buttons primed to click, reducing the force needed to click and delivering exceptional click feel, response, and consistency.  “


Here’s a video of a Logitech G203 Review.

Logitech G203 Video Review

Amazon’s reviewers give an Avg rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 564 customer reviews so far. Let’s see what the most helpful reviewers on Amazon have to say.

Logitech G203 Most helpful reviews from Amazon

“My favorite thing about this mouse is that the size/shape is perfect for someone with small hands – not too big, not too small. Very comfortable to use. “


“Probably can’t get much better than this for the price. Tracking is accurate, clicks feel solid, scroll wheel is a BIT too rigid for my taste but seems reliable (no missed scrolls etc…). Time will tell if the scroll wheel actually lasts or breaks after a year like on a lot of budget mice. “


“This mouse is an almost exact replica of the Logitech Gaming Pro mouse except for two important differences – the sensor and the cord. The G Pro uses a Pixart PMW 3366 sensor that is found in Logitech’s recent gaming mouse lineup such as the G502, G303, G900 and G403 “


“Once calibrated, I observed almost no difference between the Logitech mice mentioned above and it has been my daily driver since. “


On the other hand, let’s take a peek at the most critical reviews from Amazon.

Logitech G203 Most Critical Reviews from Amazon

I agree with the rave reviews … so long as it keeps working. I bought this product at the beginning of May, 2017. It’s now the beginning of December, 2017 — and the wheel has failed (it generates erratic signals, so that for example as I scroll up, it jerks back down randomly and vice versa). I will be investigating warranty options, but for such an inexpensive product (a plus, of course), exchanging it quickly becomes a waste of time and money (for postage).


“On to the main issue and reason for my returning this mouse. It’s small. Smaller than I anticipated. I probably should’ve done some measurements beforehand but now I know what size to look for in future mice. Anyone with medium to large hands will be uncomfortable using this mouse unless you just like to use a claw grip with your palm way up over the mouse “


Let’s see some pieces of a reviewer(Nit-Noid) from Reddit: (The good).

Logitech G203 Review Extracts from Reddit (The Good)

Nice surface texture. Second only to Corsair Harpoon for ABS plastic mice. Not rough, but slightly textured to the point that it’s fairly grippy.


And now let’s see the bad!

Logitech G203 Review Extracts from Reddit (The Bad)

Clicks are some of the loudest, to the point of potentially being distracting without headphones.
Not big enough for a proper palm grip for anything but very small hands. Then again, if you are a palm gripper, you probably shouldn’t buy the G203 in the first place…


Does Nit-Noid recommend it?

Logitech G203 Nit-Noid’s Final Decision (from Reddit)

The G203 is a great value and remains an easy recommend. Because of its bang for buck, it’ll stay relevant even with the G Pro and G305 out there sharing the same shell. It’s just a pity they couldn’t add side buttons and new internals to the safer G100S shell design and avoid the sloped sides


Logitech G203 Best Buy’s Most Helpful Reviews

Best Buy has 255 reviewers for this mouse with Avg rating of 4.7 out of 5.

76% of those reviewers voted for 5 stars. Let’s see some quotes of the top reviewers.

“Logitech may be making some of the WORST headsets right now, but their keyboard and mice are STILL absolutely TOP NOTCH


The G203 is now being sold as the G Pro (exact same mouse, different branding), but if you can still find it as a G203, it’s bang for your buck “


And the next quotes are from the second most helpful reviewer.

“3) The size fits my medium/small hand, I am NOT a palm gripper when gaming. I claw grip and this mouse fits my style perfectly 4) The mouse is light, so that’s a big plus for fast twitch gaming “


“CONS 1) The cable is not braided and can take a while for it to “flatten out”, but oh well, the mouse is very cheap in price “


Logitech G203 Best Buy’s Most Critical Reviews

“This mouse has a fast response time. However gaming for long periods is quite uncomfortable. I am returning this mouse and replacing with a different brand altogether. “


The other reviewers just didn’t know you need the Logitech software to map the extra buttons.

Taking a break!

Hey, don’t know if you like it, you can skip to the SteelSeries part. As you know, we all need to take a break and what better than a song.

Bleach Opening 1 – Asterisk

Well I include the lyrics as well because a song (with lyrics) is half if you don’t know the lyrics.

If you have any recommendations about songs as well, drop them in comments. I just don’t have time now to watch anime so i just listen to songs from time to time.

But now let’s proceed to the next candidate – soldier, SteelSeries Rival 110.

SteelSeries Rival 110 Overview

This boy over here weighs 90 g, 5 grams more than Logitech G203.

It has an ergonomic design for all grip styles (Hey that’s what Amazon says!).

It has guaranteed 30 million clicks (Left/Right Click).

It works with Mac, Linux and Windows (from Windows 7 onwards).

Acceleration is 30g and Max Speed 240 IPS.

Cable length is 6.5 feet which means almost 2 metres.

Warranty is 1 year for for US, Canada, Asia and 2 years for EU.

Supports TrueMove1 , which provides 1-1 tracking. Let’s dig into that a bit.

The TrueMove1 is a 7,200 CPI, 240 IPS original, an optical sensor that SteelSeries built with sensor industry leader, PixArt. It combines advanced jitter reduction with an ultra-low signal to response latency, to provide true 1 to 1 tracking at esport CPIs. The sensor was created for professional-level gaming, giving gamers ultra-precise control.


So this mouse, even if it quite cheap, it works in the professional gaming business too.

It supports Prism RGB and Game Sense reactive illumination. Let’s see more about this.

Coordinate Your Colors
PrismSync gives you the power to coordinate multi-color lighting effects between all your SteelSeries Prism-enabled gear. Easily set unified lighting for your illuminated headset, mouse, RGB keyboard and QcK Prism.


Reactive Lighting
Set color changes or lighting effects in action with your keyboard or mouse clicks. Whether it’s a color wave you initiate with each key press, or a color shift each time you click your mouse, reactive lighting adds a new level of immersion to your gaming.


You can check out this video about PrismSync from Steelseries

Also, you can check out the following video too. It shows the box of the mouse as well as the unboxing process.

This video review by team NXL is good too.

Also, the mouse has onboard memory like the Logitech G203, so you can take your settings to another computer easily.

Let’s take a peek at the most helpful reviews from Amazon.

Amazon’s rating is 4.4 out of 5 with 121 customer reviews.

SteelSeries Rival 110 Amazon’s most helpful reviews

Firstly, let’s take some quotes from the most helpful reviewer for this mouse.

Safe shape, fits my 16.5cm hands really well. I use a palm/claw hybrid grip. Weight is a little on the heavy side for a mouse this size, it would be great if it were around 85g as opposed to 91g. It is nowhere near 87.5g as advertised.


Switches feel alright, but my left clicks feel somewhat mushy. Not a big deal in game though. Side buttons are a little sharp but they are positioned well enough for you to click without issues. The scroll wheel feels stiffer than the 310 series of mice and are much harder to press in. Good or bad, its up to your preference. I prefer the clicks on the 310 mice.


As someone who has used the Logitech G Pro/G102, Ninox Venator, SteelSeries Sensei 310, and Razer Lancehead TE. I think this is the best ambidextrous mouse I’ve owned. The price to performance/shape ratio is astounding. If you didn’t like then G102/G203, this is probably worth looking at.


SteelSeries Rival 110 Amazon’s most critical reviews

Well the critical reviews say that Rival 310 is better (well it’s more expensive too).

The Big Moment! The Comparison !

So after all the research done for the 2 fighters, let’s see what they got in a few words!


G203 is 85g . Rival 110 is 90g.

RGB Lights

G203 has RGB Lights. Rival 110 has too!

Click Durability

G203 has 10million clicks. Rival 110 has 30million.

How many Grip Styles?

G203 does not support Palm Grip, Rival 110 supports All Grips.

How many years warranty?

G203 2 years in USA. Rival 110 2 Years in Europe, 1 Year in USA, Canada, Asia.

Has Onboard Memory?

G203 has onboard memory. Rival 110 has too!

So which one should i take?

This one!

P.S : Feel free to comment on anything you want (improvement, personal experience, a song you like, an intro song of an anime etc!).

Logitech G203 vs SteelSeries Rival 110 - Joker Image
Image by nalik25390 from Pixabay

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6 thoughts on “Logitech G203 vs Steelseries Rival 110”

  1. The steelseries looks like the best gaming mouse that you can get. Do you think that the steelseries or logitech g203 is a better purchase? I like mouses that allow you to have more slickness and speed of scrolling. Highly programmable mouses are a must for competitive gaming. What would you do to improve these mouses?

    1. I think the SteelSeries is the best purchase. I like Logitech mice too but i think in this particular case the SteelSeries is better.

      All you can do is get a good mousepad that will let you do smooth movements with your mouse.

  2. Though the only game I play with mouse is the Call of Duty series because I’m not really a big fan of other games other than soccer games and luckily, soccer does not engage the use of mouse. But reading through this post, looking at the highlighted points, reviews, analysis of the two mouse in contention for comparison, I think the SteelSeries Rival 110 offers a more better and wider range for users than Logitech G203. And were I to buy one out of the two, I’d surely go for the steel series rival 110.

    1. Me too. My next buy will be the Rival 110. I like the G203 too but i can’t afford to take both!. This non gaming Logitech mouse i have right now makes it a bit hard to navigate while i’m playing (LoL).

  3. Hi George.
    Thank you so much for the reviews of Logitech G203 vs Steelseries Rival 110. You have provided details description about Logitech G203 and Steelseries Rival 110. I think both are good but Steelseries Rival 110 is the best. I have used it and it is really good.
    Thank you so much for the article because I have learned many new things about Steelseries Rival 110 that I never knew before. I will share your post with my other friend so that they could know details about these two gaming mouse.

    1. I had my eyes on the Logitech G203 for a long time. But i have heard of SteelSeries and thought of doing a research. It looks like the SteelSeries is better so my next buy will be the Rival 110.

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