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Logitech G203 vs G402

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So you wanna watch as the Logitech G203 vs G402 battle for your hand starts? Keep reading as this is gonna take some time as both candidates are quite capable!

Before you go on, you can check my article on what a gaming mouse is and if one is worth.

Logitech G203 vs G402 Part 1 – Logitech G203 Overview

Logitech G203 Specs

Logitech G203 Has 6 Programmable Buttons

The G203 has 6 programmable buttons so for an FPS and MOBA it can certainly work. 6 Buttons are enough for MMOs but usually more is better.

The G203 has RGB Lightning which is usual for gaming mice. Either it will be some solid backlightning or it would be RGB Lightning.

Check out the following YouTube Video for a better look and feel of the RGB Lightning.

Logitech G203 RGB Lightning Video

Logitech G203 Has 1000Hz Polling Rate

If you already familiar with gaming mice, you must already know that almost every gaming mouse offers 1000Hz Polling Rate. But this Polling Rate is not always optical at all times. There will be a section below that expands on this feature.

If you hear about Polling Rate for the first time, no need to worry. I will mention some basic technical info in the section that talks about Refresh Rate. Or if you want a more detailed technical article about gaming mice, you can check out my article on what a gaming mouse is and if it’s worth it.

This mouse offers 4 different Polling Rates to configure (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz) which is typical for most gaming mice.

Logitech G203 Has Maximum DPI of 8000

Logitech G203 vs G402 - DPI

You might have seen gaming mice cheaper than this one with higher DPI number. So you might wonder why this one and maybe others as well have lower DPI.

The reason is because in most scenarios, you won’t need more than 4000 DPI. With 4000 DPI you can scroll from one end of the screen to the other with small mouse movements.

If your monitor is FHD (1080p Maximum Resolution) then you will never need more than 4000 DPI. Gaming mice offer more because they try to make the mouse for as many scenarios possible.

For example if you have a multi monitor setup or a big 4K Monitor. Then you might adjust the gaming mouse to more DPI so that you can move around the screen with ease.

So with this mouse (Logitech G203) you will have no problems using it with a higher resolution screen. If you don’t play competitive games you won’t need a higher resolution than 1440p (QHD).

For immersive games you might want a 4K IPS Monitor (for richer colors) so then you might need a greater DPI than 4000.

Let’s see a quite good video review about the G203 on YouTube.

Logitech G203 YouTube Review

If you saw the video review, you might have heard about being told that the mouse is semi-ambidextrous. The side buttons will be in the way for a left handed user so it’s better to think of it as right handed only.

Logitech G203 Has 10 Million Clicks Durability

You might have heard about Click Durability as well. If you count how many clicks you press per day, you can estimate the minimum the mouse clicks will last. You can use Apps like WhatPulse to calculate your daily clicks.

But even for example you calculate that the clicks will last for 3 years, that isn’t absolute it’s just a useful metric.

Above I said minimum because these clicks are guaranteed. It won’t break automatically after the 10 million clicks.

Logitech G203 Has Onboard Memory

Onboard memory let’s you save your preferences directly into the mouse’s memory. This way you can take your mouse anywhere and still play with the same settings that you programmed it from your computer or laptop.

Logitech G203 Doesn’t Have A Braided Cable

Unfortunately, Logitech G203 doesn’t come up with a braided cable but braided cable is not always optimal as it can cause drag.

Logitech G203 vs G402 Part 2 – Logitech G402 Overview

Logitech G402 Specs

Logitech G402 Has 8 Programmable Buttons

The G402 comes with 8 Programmable Buttons so that makes it suitable for all types of games, even for MMOs where there many bars of skills to be pressed.

Logitech G402 Has Only Blue Backlighting

Logitech G203 vs G402 - Only Blue Backlightning

Unfortunately, the Logitech G402 doesn’t have RGB Lightning, only a solid blue backlight. Well the backlightning is an aesthetic feature so it doesn’t have an impact on the perfomance or gameplay.

Logitech G402 Has 1000Hz Maximum Polling Rate

Being a gaming mouse in the mid price range, Logitech G402 has the standard 1000Hz Maximum Polling Rate.

Logitech G402 Has 4000 Maximum DPI

You may think this is low DPI for this price, and you might be right, but unless you are using a multi screen setup or 4K monitor, it won’t be a problem.

One way I might have thought about it will be that in the future, should I decide to upgrade my gaming equipment, that I won’t have to buy a new gaming mouse as well.

Logitech G402 YouTube Review

This mouse may be primary created for FPS Games (it has the Sniper-DPI Shift Button on the left side), but all these buttons are programmable so there aren’t any bounds as to what the buttons can do.

Logitech G402 Has 20 Million Clicks Durability

With 20 million clicks, you can certainly click for like 7 years or more, but of course if the mouse doesn’t present any problems in other areas.

Logitech G402 Has Onboard Memory

Onboard Memory is pretty standard among gaming mice these days. Maybe the cheapest of the cheapest gaming mice doesn’t have Onboard Memory. Well it’s a useful feature and also practical.

Logitech G402 Doesn’t Have Braided Cable

But that doesn’t make the Logitech G402 less worthy. If you use your gaming mouse in an environment where the surface can cause problems (or for example too many wires together), then it might be a problem for the lack of braided cable.

But the braided cable can cause drag to your mouse if it’s “laying” on the surface, which makes movement harder.

Logitech G203 vs G402 Part 3 – Music Milkshake!

Logitech G203 vs G402 - Milkshake

In this section I will put some music because from the reading the head might be spinning and needs some break (and maybe some water!).

Subs Here!

If you checked any of my other posts I only posted Japanese and Korean. No problems, there are lots of songs – it’s a big world!

Next is One Piece Intro 6!

Lyrics Here!

If I put this intro elsewhere, my bad, it must be good!

Next is a KPop Song. Not too many views (4m) but I like that!

Lyrics Included!

Well, it will be weird if all day you can be happy or something (if you can it’s cool haha). So if you tired of your daily routine and wanna take a break to enjoy the silence!

Lyrics Here.

Logitech G203 vs G402 Part 4 – Short Technical Info

Polling Rate

Polling Rate is the amount of times your computer asks for the (in our case) mouse’s position. If you think it as Pulling Rate, you won’t be far in the visual.

So the 1000Hz you must hear all the time about is 1000 times per second. 1000 times per second your computer is pulling the mouse’s position to update the screen.

You might have heard it as 1ms(1 millisecond = 1/1000th of a second). It’s the same thing.

So the more pulling the better? Not really. As the following YouTube shows, 1ms Polling Rate doesn’t work always in your favor.

Polling Rate YouTube Video

So a gaming mouse that offers adjustment of the Polling Rate is ideal. Typically there are 4 modes: 125Hz (8ms), 250Hz (4ms), 500Hz (2ms), 1000Hz (1ms).

So with trial and error you can find the ideal Polling Rate for your gaming needs (or google them if they are somewhere in some forum!).

DPI or CPI (Dots/ Counts Per Inch)

As the name implies, DPI or CPI is the number of dots(pixels) the mouse will move on the monitor for an inch of physical mouse movement in your hand.

The more the merrier but, there is a limit where it can go from being useful to being catastrophic. Check out the following YouTube video for a visual example.

As a practical rule for a 1080p (FHD) Monitor you don’t need more than 4000 DPI.

YouTube Video On DPI

The link starts on the first minute because from there the test begins

Logitech G203 vs G402 Part 5 – The Comparison!

Programmable Buttons

Logitech G203 has 6. Logitech G402 has 8.

RGB Lightning

Logitech G203 has RGB Lightning. Logitech G402 has solid blue backlightning.

1ms Max Polling Rate

Logitech G203 has 1ms Max Polling Rate. Logitech G402 has 1ms Max Polling Rate as well!.

More DPI?

Logitech G203 has Maximum DPI of 8000. Logitech G402 has Maximum DPI of 4000.

How Many Million Clicks Durability?

Logitech G203 has 10 Million Clicks. Logitech G402 has 20 Million Clicks.

Onboard Memory?

Both the Logitech G203 and G402 have Onboard Memory.

Braided Cable

Neither the Logitech G203 nor the G402 have Braided Cable.

So Which Gaming Mouse I Get?



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14 thoughts on “Logitech G203 vs G402”

  1. LeeAnn Messenger


    Thank you for your article about the gaming mouse. I have a 15 yr old son who is a gamer and he had tried to explain to me about this mouse and the features and I was at a loss.

    Your article was very in depth and informative and now I understand better what he has been trying to tell me, I think sometimes my kids think that I am fluent in gaming  or the IT mom. Not happening.

    Thank you again for the explanation my son will be very grateful.

    1. Glad my article helped. It happens to me quite frequently that people talk to me about things like I a professional at those things.

      If your son finds something missing in this article, he can comment or contant me to tell me!

      Have a nice day.

  2. I would not throw either mouse out if they were a gift from a loved one or a hated one, just need to get that out there before we dive into the comparison between the Logitech G203 versus the G402. If I were buying, I likely would go for the G203 for several reasons…

    First, I have never seen a mouse last for 20 million clicks as the G402 will. There has always been a malfunction at some point with some part and I have had to replace the mouse. No sense paying the extra money (unless I have an intention to upgrade my gaming system at some point in the future to more power?).

    Second, my guess is there is a jump in price for the G402 over the G203? If that is the case, the G203 has the things (more) than I need. I can use that extra money for something else (like putting it towards a game?). I will check on this to see what the difference is, maybe that is not much of a factor.

    Third, I like the RGB lighting option with the G203. Cooler, but I have to say blue is one of my favorite colors (purple is the number one though, think of the Minnesota Vikings). In reality, this is a nonfactor for me, but if I can pay less and have more option, I am in on this one.

    Lastly, having only 6 programmable buttons versus 8 is one area where the G402 wins. This is not enough of a show stopper for it to win over the G203 though (although it is cool that you have 24% more with the G402). So having compared the two, the clear winner by a nose is the G203! 

    Again, I would use either and love them for their high-end performance!

    1. Hello Dave. I like both mice and If I could I would get my hands on both of them.

      I’m currently playing only League of Legends, so I don’t need too many buttons. That’s why my pick would be the G203. Also it looks similar to my current one (Logitech RX 250). It is also cheaper so that is an important factor.

      To tell you the truth, I don’t buy the million clicks stuff. My Logitech RX 250 has worked for me for like 10 years. It might miss some clicks from time to time but that’s all. Need a new mouse mostly about the DPI because I can’t navigate fast enough with the RX 250.

      For me, the RGB or solid backlightning doesn’t matter especially. But since you mentioned colours, blue is my favourite. You mentioned the Minnesota Vikings. I like Vikings in general so that’s cool!

      The ideal scenario for me is get both of them, give one to a friend (the G402) and keep the G203 for me. Then I can test hands on both these mice and see what are they worth.

      Don’t know why, but I like testing gaming mice more than other gaming hardware. Too much fuss going around certain mice that makes me wonder if it’s just air.

      Maybe I like testing mice more because they actually are very important to gaming. You click and move at the same time, and that’s more important than the keyboard for example where you only click.

      That’s all for now. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a nice day.

  3. First things first. I saw Dave’s point on a mouse not lasting for 20 million clicks and to be able to even last for 10 million is pretty solid. But true, I do feel there is no sense in paying extra money unless you are going to get a large and invaluable upgrade for the cost. I like how you gave readers a break in between with some comedic backdrop as it can get very technical in reading. Then again, those who are looking for the differences above are probably technical anyway!

    1. Thanks Adam for stopping by. I guess you care about durability since you mentioned the clicks. If you play casually 10 million clicks can be like 10 years. If you have a steady playing schedule you can count your clicks per day through some software.

      The G203 has higher Maximum DPI which can be used on monitors with higher resolutions than 1080p (even 4K). The G402 with 4000 Max DPI will work good with max resolution of 1440p.

      But since most of people still use 1080p monitors, 4000 DPI is enough.

      I’m glad you liked the music break. Well I do these breaks myself, so sharing them is like exposing my personality or being friendly. I don’t put music I never listen. I guess everyone has their routine or method.

      If the viewer is technical, that’s good. I try to be as technically sound as possible while being simple. No use writing like you are in a university.

      Be certain that if I learn more and more technicalities, I will add them because it will make this article better. As with all gamers and computer geeks, technical savviness never ends.

      Feel free to comment on anything else you like. Have a nice day.

  4. This was awesome and helpful review of the Logitech gaming mice.  Originally, I was planning to go with the G402 because it sounded like it would last longer.   Twice as many clicks longer.   Yet, it is more important for me to have a gaming mouse that can be used on a mulit-screen set up.    

    Thanks for including the “This is Love” music video.   That was a great idea because I needed a mental break.   It woke me up and got me excited.    

    1. Hi Sondra. The G402 is a cool gaming mouse and unfortunately the only flaw is the 4000 DPI. The G502 Hero is a well known mouse with the Hero Sensor (16000 DPI) and has a nice shape also but also quite more expensive than the G402.

      Glad you liked the This is Love song. These days where most of work (or a lot of work) is done by the PC, this song gets relevant.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.

  5. I have also liked having a good quality mouse. I am not really a gamer but I do teach online and to me having a decent quality mouse is important. I really was not aware of Clicks Durability or the fact that mice actually have onboard memory. So I found this article very interesting. Thanks so much.

    1. Glad you liked the article. If you need many buttons for your mouse, you better get Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. Its price range is about the same as the G203 and G402.

      Onboard memory is a cool feature and the only thing that can change from mouse to mouse is how many profiles you can store in the mouse’s memory.

      Clicks durability gets really important if you click a lot per day. If you count how many clicks you click per day, you can estimate how much time it will take you to reach the guaranteed clicks durability. Not that it is an absolute metric, but certainly an quite important factor.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

  6. Considering that both the G203 and the G402 are available now for under $30 (at numerous online retailers), I’d say that the better choice is the G402. Even though the G402 has an arguably worse sensor (not that anyone would be able to tell a difference) and doesn’t have RGB, there’s one thing that no one here has mentioned: the G203 doesn’t have software support for macOS, while the G402 does. I know most people use Windows, but having software for both macOS and Windows, in my opinion, raises the G402 above the G203.

    1. Hello Gabriel. I took a look at the Amazon questions for the G203 and some people say it has support for Mac os, others say the extra buttons don’t work etc. But if you own the mouse, you certainly can tell.
      On the other hand, I checked the G402 on Walmart and it says it doesn’t support Mac OS. On Newegg it says only Windows support. Currently, the cheapest G203 I found is on Walmart at $26.49 and the G402 at $31.99 on Newegg.
      I’m using Windows – never used a Mac. But Mac’s are good, I’ve heard good words about them. I’m playing MOBAs only so the G203 will work for me as it’s quite similar to the Logitech RX 250 I have at the moment.
      My hands are getting sweaty and the grip sometimes isn’t so steady. I need to take that factor too when I buy a new mouse. Maybe the G402 will fit on my hand better as it’s larger and more bulky. If you know anything about this, you can tell me.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

      1. From what I can find, the Logitech support website only has Windows software for the G203 (https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024850213–Downloads-G203-Prodigy-Gaming-Mouse), but the G402 has both Windows and macOS software available for download (https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024843793–Downloads-G402-Hyperion-Fury-Ultra-Fast-FPS-Gaming-Mouse)—all downloads are visible for both mice if you scroll down and click “Show All Downloads”. The G402 is also available for $25.99 at Target (https://www.target.com/p/-/A-53859021), cheaper than any G203 I could find.
        As for grip, I find that mice such as the G402, G502, and G602 (or any other mouse with a similar shape) are all easier to hold compared to more typically-shaped symmetrical mice, or even mice such as the DeathAdder or Mamba. Personally, I feel that the thumb rest on the left combined with an ergonomic shape is best for me—see if you can try out one for yourself! It’s impossible to know whether or not that style works for you until you’ve tried it.

        1. You are right. Nice to know that. Razer mice are usually more expensive so I will go for Logitech. The Deathadder usually starts at $40. Maybe I should do an affiliate account for Target too – it has decent prices.
          Thanks for the useful info. Have a nice day.

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