How to pick a gaming mouse

Hello there. In this post i will make a guide on how to pick a gaming mouse. There are a lot of factors to consider but that’s not something to worry about.

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Every good decision making required from little to many steps in order to be done right.

Table of Contents

Step 1 – Learn about your grip

The first thing to consider is your grip style. There are 3 mostly used grips.

  1. The palm grip, which is most commonly used.
  2. The claw grip, which is less common.
  3. The tip grip, which is the rarest of all.

Palm Grip

How to pick a gaming mouse - Palm grip from Epicgear
Palm Grip Image From Epicgear

Palm grip is undoubtedly the most popular grip type which takes up more than 50% of the market and this is not limited to gaming.
The popularity of palm grip can be understood for its natural and relaxed way for the hand to be resting on the mouse with the most contact points and support.

Even though they provide a more relaxed position for the hand, palm grip mice tend to suffer in agility and are normally less suitable for games that require repeating rapid movements, but ideal for delicate and accurate gliding control.

Check this video out it provides quite good information.

Claw Grip

Claw Grip Image from EpicGear

Claw grip, even though less popular than palm, has been gaining the liking from gamers together with the RTS and Action-RTS game types that are becoming ever so popular nowadays.

I use a claw grip (it’s a mix of claw and palm), but to better understand the claw grip, check out the following video (the fingers are usually bent a bit the image above does not show all the details).

On to the next grip, the tip grip.

Tip grip

Tip Grip Image from EpicGear

Tip grip is the most extreme grip type of the three, with minimal contact points between the hand and the mouse. This type of grip is only using the tip of the fingers to steer the entire mouse in extremely rapid movements with the least restrain of the hand and wrist

Step 2 : Find your Game

In this step we will list all popular categories with all the mice that work with them.

MMORPG Gaming Mice

By taking a look at the WoW forums at Blizzard, we can find some opinions/experience from people who play WoW and other MMORPG.

No 1 : Logitech G600

I have a review on the Logitech G600. You can check it out if you want.

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 2: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 3: Razer Naga Trinity

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 4: Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 5: UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 6: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 7: Redragon M901

Amazon.com Link

No 8: Roccat Nyth

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 9 : Roccat Tyon

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 10: SteelSeries Sensei Raw

Amazon.com Link

No 11: Havit Magic Eagle Mouse

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

FPS Gaming Mice

No 1: Logitech G502 Hero

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 2 : Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 3: BenQ Zowie EC1-A Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 4: BenQ Zowie FK2 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Esports

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 5: SteelSeries Rival 600

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 6: SteelSeries Sensei 310
Ambidextrous Design

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 7: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

MOBA Gaming Mice

No 1: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 2: SteelSeries Sensei Raw

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 3: Logitech G502 Hero

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 4: Corsair Sabre

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 5: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

No 6: Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye

Amazon.com Link

Amazon.co.uk Link

Step 3 : Find which mouse is for your hands(small, medium, large, very large)

Now that we listed all top mice for a specific genre, we list all information about each mouse that relates to hand size and types of grip so you know what is best fit for your hand.

Logitech G600 (Right Handed – MMORPG – Quotes from Amazon)

Logitech G600 from Amazon.com

Logitech G600 from Amazon.co.uk

Really the only thing I liked the Venus mouse more over the G600, is the size, I have large hands, glove size large some times are a little tight but that should give you an idea, anyways, the utechsmart venus mouse is slightly larger then the G600, it also has a thumb rest which I like but because the G600 is smaller, my palm doesn’t rest as much on the G600, making my wrist rest more so on the mouse pad which can be uncomfortable, but raising my chair fixed that.


“It fits comfortably in the hand and the contours are nice however, the shape of the mouse favors people with a palm grip more
If you’re more into the claw fingertip grip or claw grip which I am, you may find that you’ll need some time to get used to the mouse but it is not very severe so you should be accustomed quite quickly”


“Form factor: I have medium-small hands. The width of the mouse and the fact that the ring finger rests on a button took a week or two to get used to. Not a big deal. The braided cable is nice–keep it away from sharp corners/edges. “


“Comfortable (especially for large hands) “


“I have moderately short, fat fingers and that is not a problem. This mouse is large but fits my hand perfectly”


“Let me start this section by saying that I have somewhat large hands – not so much in my palms, but I do have very long fingers, so I have no complaints regarding the size of this mouse “


“Comfortable for small and average sized adult hands. “


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (Right Handed – MMORPG, FPS – Quotes from Amazon)

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum from Amazon.com

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum from Amazon.co.uk

“Depending on your hand size, it works with any grip style


“I’m about 6′-6” and little over 200 lbs – this thing fits my giant hands fairly well 😉 “


“It fits so well into my fairly large hands


DPI Shift button is too far and would require putting my hand in an uncomfortable position if I were to use it for (example) sniping. I also have found no practical reason to use DPI Shift. “


“My husband has big hands and this mouse is a good size for him


“You can switch profiles with the button right under the scroll lock which is perfect, I’ve never pressed it accidentally but it would probably be a problem for people with bigger hands


SteelSeries Sensei Raw (Ambidextrous – MOBA – Quotes from Amazon)

SteelSeries Sensei Raw from Amazon.com

SteelSeries Sensei Raw from Amazon.co.uk

“The Sensei is the lightest mouse I’ve used in a while at 90g, so its lower starting friction and momentum make it easy to use with a fingertip grip. The wheel is fairly stiff, with well defined detents that makes selection very easy, and the middle button has a tactile-enough click to be useful, if not anything special “


“This mouse is simple, had the buttons I needed, has simple software, and is attractive and easy to grip. I have average hands for a woman and it’s comfortable to use.
Side buttons are a little too easy to push accidentally. “


“The Sensei is slightly taller and longer, and is actually more comfortable for my big paws. “



Picking a mouse is a serious business so I did my best to try to find a formula. If you have any recommendations or additions, feel free to add them (by comment).

Currently, I have made reviews on the Logitech G203 Prodigy, G402 Hyperion Fury and G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. You can check them out if you like. Take care.



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    • Of course! Gamers who play all day games want their gaming equipment to be shiny and cool! Of course that’s not only it, the mouse has better accuracy, more buttons and if you make the right choice, your hand will not complain either!

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