Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse Review


3200 Max DPI


4 DPI Levels


18 Month Warranty


6 Buttons


Lightning Effects



  • Over 4 Thousand Reviews (for Amazon US)
  • Best Choice for this Price
  • 7 Light Modes
  • Braided Cord


  • Lights Cannot Be Set to Solid Color
  • DPI Cannot be Customized Further (4 Set DPI Levels)
  • Scroll Wheel Problems May Occur

Check this Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse review if you need a gaming mouse that is cheap and also popular. Most of the times it’s not worth to spend a lot on a gaming mouse.

Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse Review – Intro

There are lots of discussions on the internet about a gaming mouse. For example if it’s worth buying one. I think that question is made because the common belief is that a gaming mouse costs a lot.

I have seen gaming mice cost 5$ so there is really no price gap between a mouse and a gaming mouse. You don’t need a Logitech G Pro Wireless or a Razer Naga Trinity to play a game (or to be good at it).

Below I will list some technical info (only necessary parts to make this review self-sufficient). You can always check my link on the full detailed article about what is a gaming mouse and if it’s worth buying.

Low DPI vs High DPI

DPI (Dots per inch) is a metric that counts how many pixels your cursor will move for an inch of a mouse move. You’ve already seen mice that have like 16000 DPI or more. But is this “High DPI” necessary to play games better (or play games at a competitive level?).

The answer is in most cases No. Take a look at the video below and then we can continue the discussion.

YouTube Video About DPI

So for an FHD(1080p) Monitor, 4000 DPI is more than enough to make your cursor jump from one end to the other end of the screen quite easily.

Now if you have a wider screen that is 4K resolution or a multi monitor setup then you might need the higher DPI.

Polling Rate

Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse Review - Refresh Rate

Polling rate is how many times per second the mouse sends its location to the computer so the computer can update the cursor on the screen. Its metric is in ms (milliseconds).

If you want to be technically correct, it’s the PC asking (polling) for the mouse position (hence this picture of the magnet pulling).

For example, you might have seen the 1ms Polling Rate in more expensive mice. This means that every millisecond (1/1000th of a second), the mouse sends data to the computer about its position.

Or if you haven’t seen the 1ms, you might have seen 1000Hz which is the same thing (1000 cycles per second, in our case each cycle is one report of the mouse position information).

But more reports per second doesn’t mean better gaming experience. These mice that offer this 1ms Polling Rate, usually have software that allows you to configure it to lower Polling Rates, mostly because they know that this high Polling Rate is not of any use in every game.

What better way to prove this point than a practical video.

Havit HV MS672 Polling Rate

The specs don’t mention any Polling Rate so we should assume it has the default 125Hz (or 8ms) Polling Rate, which is fine for a mouse on this price.

Music Break!

Take a look at this Anime Intro!

Lyrics Here!

It’s 5 hours but the song is intact, unlike other videos.

This Anime looked interesting in the beginning, but it became repetitive after a while. Maybe continue from where I stopped someday!

And of course need some KPop now!

Subs Here (Maybe a little off in some places but OK)

6 Buttons

The Buttons are not programmable (unless you map the functions of the buttons from inside the game).

Someone in Amazon questions claims that you can program the button by downloading a software called X-Mouse Button Control.


The fact that this mouse has over 4000 customer reviews on Amazon US (despite the Avg rating being 3.7 out of 5) makes it a worthy candidate if you are looking cheap and good.


If you are used to gaming mice where you can alter its DPI from software (and not from buttons only), this gaming mouse offers limited DPI capabilities.

But that won’t compromise your game too much. It’s just that more DPI control offers more precision on how much you need your mouse to move.

Conclusion – Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse Review

Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse

A very cheap mouse but a good value for its money.

Editor's Rating:

To sum up, I hope you found this Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse review useful. There is no real need to buy a mouse that is too expensive. With cheap gaming mice and even a little more expensive mice you can play at a professional level if you want.

Of course as a geek (and if one with budget), it’s natural you want to have the best or something that is trending now or is generally popular. Well when once upon a time I had a budget, I bought a Razer Naga (90 dollars at that time).

It didn’t last more then 18 months. I really needed a mouse that I can have for like 5 years or more. I guess bad luck since I read other people had not any problems (with the old Naga).

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