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Affordable Gaming Laptops For 2019

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Greetings !

Are you searching for affordable gaming laptops in 2019 and still confused on what is worth and what is not? Read more on this detailed laptops comparison.

Gaming Laptop Definition For 2019

Here I give my gaming laptop definition as I read about laptops branded as gaming when they are “trying very hard” just to play not too graphic intensive games.


A Gaming Laptop is a laptop that has at least a GTX 1050 or AMD RX 260 GPU (or equivalent) with a 3GB VRAM and a CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads.

I can be more strict and even add the SSD factor in it. It was unheard of me having an HDD as a main boot drive even 10 years ago when SSD’s were expensive.

Even now I see some gaming laptops that have (as a main drive) an HDD or Hybrid HDD.

A Gaming Laptop should have at least an M.2 SSD SATA drive as a main drive.

Gaming Laptop Fast Buying Tips


  1. Make sure the laptop has a GTX 1050 Ti or an RX 560X as graphics cards.
  2. Make sure the laptop has an i5 8th generation CPU (or AMD equivalent). The CPU must have 4 cores and 8 threads.
  3. Make sure the laptop has an SSD at least SATA3 (NVMe is better).
  4. Make sure the laptop has 8GB of RAM.


  1. Make sure the laptop has a GTX 1650, 1060 or 1660 Ti (or AMD equivalents) as graphics cards.
  2. Make sure the laptop has at least an i5 8th generation CPU. I5 9th generation or i7 8th or 9th generation can be viable options.
  3. Make sure the laptop has an SSD NVMe as primary storage. If it has an extra HDD that’s even better.
  4. Make sure the laptop has 8-16GB of RAM (well if you pay about 1000$ you certainly are aiming for 16GB RAM).

Gaming Laptop Related Technical Info

Technical Info Useful When Buying Gaming Laptops

Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-576G-5762) Overview

On Amazon it has a rating of 4 / 5 (Reviews are shared with other 2 models – Total 1146. Most of the helpful reviews are for this model).

Laptop Info

Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

YouTube Game Benchmarks

Check below for timestamps on a particular game


0:32 – Batman Arkham Knight on Normal Preset (32 FPS Avg).

0:39 – Fallout 4 on Medium Preset (31 FPS Avg).

0:49 – Tom Clancy’s The Division on Medium Preset (30 FPS Avg).

0:58 – Hitman on Medium Preset (30 FPS Avg).

1:08 – Doom on Medium Preset with OpenGL (41 FPS Avg).

1:16 – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on Medium Preset (36 FPS Avg).

1:26 – Watch Dogs 2 on Medium Preset (31 FPS Avg).

1:35 – Resident Evil 7 on Medium Preset (62 FPS Avg).

My Notes

Remember the definition I gave for a gaming laptop above? Well I had this laptop in mind because I saw it mentioned as a gaming laptop in various sites.

Although the SSD is cool and the battery life is quite high, the GeForce MX150 is not qualified for a laptop to be “marked” as a gaming laptop.

Well you can argue that based on the FPS of some games above there is not a problem as a “gaming” laptop.

That is if you want to play most games at low or medium settings. At the end of the day, it’s your decision.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (i7567) Overview

On Amazon it has a rating of 3.8 / 5 with 138 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

Youtube Review & Game Benchmarks

This one in the review has the TN Panel but the current one has the IPS panel (or so it says!)


00:38 – Hardware Overview.

01:39 – Battery Life.

02:30 – Upgrade Options.

03:02 – Display Quality (TN).

04:25 – Keyboard & Trackpad.

04:56 – Ports.

05:42 – Speakers & Sound.

06:12 – Benchmark Tests.

07:20 – Thermals & Temperature Throttling.

07:52 – GTA V Gaming.

09:05 – Rocket League Gaming.

09:36 – Doom Gaming.

10:35 – Street Fighter V Gaming.

10:59 – Conclusion & Final Thoughts.

The timestamps are in the video description in Youtube as well (Kudos) but I put them here for ease of access.

My Notes

This laptop doesn’t have an SSD preinstalled, only a Hybrid HDD, which means that you might have to buy an extra SSD to boost the boot time and game loading speed.

These days it is unheard of (at least for me) for a gaming rig not to have an SSD (even SATA ) preinstalled. The HDD should be mostly used as a secondary storage place for media files (video, music etc).

The GTX 1050 is quite good as a graphics card for gaming. It’s certainly better than the MX150.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop (15-cx0056wm)

Affordable Gaming Laptops - HP Pavilion 15-CX0056WM

On Amazon it has 3.7 / 5 rating with 156 customer reviews.

On Walmart it has 3.5 / 5 rating with 69 reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

Youtube Benchmarks


01:00 – Far Cry 5 (37-54 FPS).

01:25 – Ark Survival Evolved (12-89 FPS). 12 FPS is at Epic Settings.

01:53 – Doom (53-89 FPS).

02:17 – The Witcher 3 (22-66 FPS). 22 FPS at Ultra Settings.

02:44 – PubG (25-93 FPS). 25 FPS at High Settings.

03:08 – Overwatch (56-123 FPS).

03:37 – Rainbow Six Siege (36-134 FPS).

04:07 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider (30-55 FPS).

04:34 – Battlefield 5 (32-50 FPS).

My Notes

Well another gaming laptop with no SSD preinstalled. At least it has the GTX 1050 Ti which makes lots of games playable (compared mostly to MX 150).

Acer Aspire 7 (A715-72G-71CT) Overview

On Amazon it has 4 / 5 rating. (Reviews are shared with other 2 models – Total 1146).

Laptop Info

Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

Youtube Benchmarks

Video 1 (10 Games)


00:02 – Forza Horizon 4 (60 FPS Avg on High Preset).

01:55 – Battlefield 1 (50+ FPS on Ultra Preset).

03:33 – CS:GO (60-120 FPS on Ultra Preset).

05:01 – Fortnite (90-110 FPS on Epic Preset).

07:22 – Golf It (60-80 FPS on Epic Preset).

09:12 – Just Cause (30-35 FPS on Medium Preset).

12:12 – Max Payne 3 (38-50 FPS on Very High Preset).

14:57 – NFS Rivals (30 FPS Capped Because it is a Console Game) on Ultra Preset.

16:53 – PubG (65 FPS Avg on High Preset).

21:05 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider (35 FPS Avg on Medium Preset).

Video 2 (6 Games More)


00:02 – FIFA 18 (30-80 FPS on Ultra Preset).

00:51 – Far Cry 5 (Playble on Ultra Preset). For some reason there was no FPS indicator for this game.

02:00 – GTA V (60-70 FPS on Very High Preset).

04:18 to 04:30 – Just Cause 3 (35-45 FPS on Custom Preset).

04:38 – NFS Mostwanted (55-60 FPS on Ultra Preset).

05:18 – Ghost Recon: Wildlands (40-45 FPS on Very High Preset).

06:19 – Watch Dogs 2 (36-42 FPS on High Preset).

Video 3 (Far Cry 5 Gameplay Only)

35-45 FPS on High Preset.

My Notes

Nice laptop. Has SSD (SATA) and a 1TB HDD (as a secondary storage). It has the i7-8750 that’s why the price is quite high compared to the others, which had the i5-8300H.

The i5-8300H is good enough for a budget gaming laptop (4 cores, 8 threads), no need to pay like 100-150 more dollars for the i7. Better pay for a n NVMe drive or a better GPU (GTX 1650).

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9) Overview

Amazon’s rating is 4.3 / 5 with 35 customer reviews.

Best Buy’s rating is 4.5 / 5 with 860 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

Youtube Reviews and Game Benchmarks

Video 1 (Review only)


Until 0:40 – Unboxing

1:10 to 1:55 – Product Description

1:58 to 3:00 – Unscrewing of the Memory and Disk Panels.

3:01 to 5:35 – Monitor, keyboard, trackpad reviews, temperature info.

5:36 to 7:14 – Advice on keeping down temperature, gaming footage, benchmark info, thermal info.

7:15 to 7:53 – Audio review.

Video 2 (Game Benchmarks)


02:23 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins Ultra Preset (20-25 FPS).

03:05 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins Very High Preset (25-35 FPS).

03:51 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins Medium Preset (35-45 FPS).

04:36 – GR Wildlands Medium Preset (30-40 FPS).

06:52 – Far Cry 5 Ultra Preset (27-34 FPS).

09:09 – COD WWII Extra Preset (60-75 FPS).

10:51 – NFS Payback Ultra Preset (30-50 FPS).

13:12 – Rise of the Tomb Raider Very High Preset (28-34 FPS).

15:26 – Fifa 18 Ultra Preset (60 FPS with V-Sync).

Video 3 (The Isle at Ultra Settings)

My Notes

This Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9) has all the components that make it an ideal candidate for purchasing. Low price, SSD disk, the usual 8GB at this price range, and the i5-8530H.

Maybe it would be better if the SSD Disk was NVMe but it’s OK. As long as the GPU and CPU are adequate, the SATA SSD won’t be a bottleneck.

Also the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM) is suitable for buying, maybe even more than this model. I have it in this post so check it out.

Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop (FX505DY-ES51) Overview

Amazon’s rating is 3.8 / 5 with 145 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

My Notes

Even though the Ryzen 5 3550H is less perfomant than the i5-8300H, the RX 260X is more perfomant than the GTX 1050Ti.

What that means? It means that games that are more GPU hungry (most games) will play better on the RX 560X while games that occasionally use lots of CPU may lag at the point where they use lots of CPU.

But since we are playing games here the GPU will be used most of the time.

Asus Vivobook (K570ZD-ES51) Overview

Amazon’s rating is 3.8 / 5 with 16 customer reviews.

Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

My Notes

Pretty good laptop for its price but at this price range, there are laptops with better GPU and CPU so unless you are a fan of these series of laptops, you can get something else!

Lenovo Legion Y 7000 Overview

Amazon’s rating is 3.9 / 5 with 7 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

My Notes

This laptop looks nice. I like its keyboard. But for this price I can find something better!

Dell G3 Overview

Amazon’s rating is 4.2 / 5 with 12 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

My Notes

This laptop, with the GTX 1050 and an HDD won’t make it (for me ) as a buying choice. I never buy anything with an HDD as a primary storage these days (too slow!!!).

HP Pavilion Flagship Overview

Amazon’s rating is 3.6 / 5 with 14 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

Most Helpful Reviews

Helpful Reviews From Amazon

My Notes

Another laptop with an HDD as a primary storage device. At least it has the GTX 1050 Ti as consolation! but still it won’t qualify as a buying choice.

I can’t forget those times I raged due to the HDD being slow, can I?!!!

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM) Overview

Affordable Gaming Laptops - Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM)

BestBuy’s rating is 4.9 / 5 with 8 customer reviews.

Laptop Info


Playable Games

Playable Games

My Notes

With the price tag it currently has, it’s the best value for money gaming laptop there is. The RX 260X this model has is at par (if not better) with the GTX 1050 Ti (that is usually offered at these price tags in good cases!).

If you don’t believe me, that’s cool. Check the picture below!

Affordable Gaming Laptops - RX 260X Versus GTX 1050 Ti

So you get a cheaper laptop with a better GPU. What else you need?!

Fast Price Tables

Affordable Gaming Laptops Price Comparison

As you can see, it’s not worth to pay $900 for the Acer Aspire 7 (it was a bit cheaper last days) as it has only the GTX 1050 Ti. You can say it has the i7 hexacore, but mostly you will play games with the GTX 1050 Ti.

There are better laptops at that price range (with the GTX 1650 or the GTX 1660 Ti) so you better take a look at them.

Don’t know if you noticed, but I don’t talk about the battery too much. Even the best battery will last only 2 hours when gaming. Battery should not be used when gaming unless there is like a time-specific event you can’t miss.

The best deal for me at the moment is the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM).

For UK you can take a peek at Asus Tuf FX 705DT which has the GTX 1650 Graphics card, which is better than the GTX 1050 Ti that is common at this price range.

Affordable Gaming Laptops - GTX 1650 VS GTX 1050 Ti

Affordable Gaming Laptops – Final Thoughts

This is the laptops I have researched so far. Feel free to comment on any of them below. If you find a good deal don’t hesitate to tell me!

Laptop To Buy Right Now!

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Affordable Gaming Laptops - Buy Now!

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28 thoughts on “Affordable Gaming Laptops For 2019”

  1. HP Pavilion and Dell Inspiron are the two that I found most interesting among all the other list of the best gaming laptops. Taking into consideration the affordability and the massive features that are on them. I really like these gaming laptops and I will surely look out for the requirements you stated that must be present in every gaming laptop. It is really unheard of for a gaming laptop not to have SSD and rely solely on HDD. Great post.. I look forward to seeing newer additions to the list.

    1. Hello Tracy. I agree with you that today is unheard of for a gaming laptop not to have an SSD as primary storage. I remember myself buying SSD drives 10 years ago when they were only SATA. Now there are NVMe SSDs which are even faster than SATA SSDs.

      I bought 2 SSDs and they lasted about 10 years and when they broke, I got a new one at one third of the price of the previous ones. Nowadays SATA SSD’s don’t have high costs, you can buy one at about 30$.

      My guess with these laptops with the HDDs is that the people buying them need to store like 10 games there because almost every big title needs at least 50 GB of storage space.

      With an 128GB SSD, you can store 2 games (3A title) max.

      Hopefully, all gaming laptops provide an SSD and an HDD slot so you could easily upgrade if needed. My recommendation is the Acer Nitro 5, but if you need the HDD (and might add an SSD later), then so be it.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

  2. Amazing ! I owe a big THANK YOU for this amazing comparison. It has not just helped me make research on all available and durable game laptops but has also given well detailed specifications of these computers. This post is well structured with its Prices well detailed. I have been scouring the internet on how to get the perfect gaming laptop for the maximum experience to no avail until now. Thanks for this post.

    1. I’m glad you found the comparison useful. I plan to add more laptops at this price range or in the next higher because even those that are a bit more expensive can be considered “affordable”.

      As far as I know, if you are buying a gaming laptop in the 600-700$ price range, it should have at least a GTX 1050 Ti or an AMD RX 260X Graphics card and a 4 core (8 threads) CPU.

      At the 800-900$ price range, you should look for a GTX 1650 Graphics card. Of course the laptop should have a preinstalled NVMe SSD Disk or else if it has an HDD, it would be very slow to boot and load games.

      If you know any laptops that should be in this article, feel free to let me know. Have a nice day.

  3. Hi George. I have to admit not knowing a lot about gaming. However, I have a stepson who is into it in a fairly big way. He is a fantastic guy who is a builder and he comes to our place in his spare time and fixes up our old house. He never takes any money for doing this but I do know that he loves gaming. His birthday is approaching soon and my wife and I would love to buy him a gaming laptop. I think this would be better than a PC since he moves around a lot with his job and he can take it with him.

    Not knowing much about laptops as well I might have trouble understanding all the different models you have mentioned and the technical information supplied.All l know is that he likes to do gaming online with his mates. He earns plenty of money so I thought he might like the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (i7567)’ model. He can make any additions to it as required. Do you think this is a good choice. Jim 

    1. Hello Jim. Nice to hear about your stepson. He seems like a decent guy so buying him a laptop for his birthday is a good idea.

      All the more to get him a laptop since he is moving a lot around. I want to get a laptop for myself even though I don’t move a lot. I’ve seen a lot of KDramas recently and all the CEO’s have laptops in their offices. Their laptops don’t move from there (as far I’ve seen).

      My recommendation is that you go for the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9). It is cheaper than the Dell Inspiron and has better specs than it. It’s a win win situation. Care not to confuse it with the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-51-55WL). It has worse CPU (7th generation CPU instead of 8th) and it is more expensive!

      If you are willing to spend 30 more bucks for something better, you can get the Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop (FX505DY-ES51). It has better hard drive and better GPU (but a little worse CPU). But since it’s a gaming laptop, the CPU has a lighter role, as long as it doesn’t cause a bottleneck.

      Dell Inspiron has the HDD disk preinstalled which will make it slow to boot and load games. The only positive there is for HDDs these days is that they have bigger storage spaces so they can store more games. But they should never be used as a disk to boot your Operating System on. Or even play games with high quality graphics (because they occupy lots of disk space and takes way more time to load them).

      Thanks Jim for stopping by and have a nice day (And pick the right laptop for your stepson!).

  4. Wow, is there anything as good as this? Everyone wants to get a good laptop so they can enjoy the best of their gaming experience. But this laptops can be way too expensive. Having gone through your post, I can say these laptops are really cool. There is so much to look into when buying a good gaming system. I like that you have added all the reviews. Its really cool. I particularly like the HP Pavilion series. Most of them are usually topnotch for games. Great list here. I’d hope to see some more.

    1. Hello Henderson. The HP Pavilion is a good one but it would have been even better if it had a preinstalled SSD disk. There is space for an SSD but you have to buy it.

      I’m planning on putting more laptops in this article as there are quite more to review. If you wanna play some big titles, you certainly need a 500 dollar machine at least with at least a GTX 1050 or an RX 560. The GeForce MX150 graphics card can play big titles but mostly at medium settings.

      When it comes to laptops in the “GTX 1050 / GTX 1050 Ti / RX 560X League”, I would prefer firstly the Asus Tuf (FX505DY-ES51) when of course the price is at 699$ (It was like 699$ 4 hours ago and now is 765.74$). Second most preferable is the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9).

      As I said in the previous comment as well, beware if you buy the Acer Nitro 5. There are 2, one is the AN515-53-55G9 with the 8th gen i5 core and the AN515-51-55WL with the 7th gen i5 core, which is more expensive as well.

  5. It seems I’m at the right place at the right time. My son who is a gamer have had problems with his console play station and have been on my neck to get him a gaming laptop. I haven’t had options of trusted gaming laptops which are affordable so far until I came across this post, now I have a list to pick from. Thanks to you.

    1. Hi Dane. I’m planning to add more laptops in the future, maybe a bit more expensive but not an excess to those who wish to play games for 2 to 3 years with no perfomance problems.

      At the 600-700$ price range, the best deals are the Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop (FX505DY-ES51) and the Asus Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9).

      But unfortunately the price of the Asus Tuf laptop is currently at 765.74$ probably because the seller that had it at 699$ sold all of them out.

      The Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9) is the second best I recommend because it provides a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, a i5-8300H and a 256 SSD Drive (Sata). It also has the best price(for the parts it provides) compared to the others.

      When it comes to the Acer Nitro 5, beware of the models (AN515-53-55G9) and (AN515-51-55WL). The first one is better and cheaper and it can easily be confused with the second, mostly because they are the same apart from the CPU they have.

      Have a nice day and make sure if you buy the Nitro 5, to buy the correct one!

  6. I most certainly wish I had seen this comparison before I bought my last laptop.  It was marked as a gaming laptop but does not have nearly the capacity that you are recommending, I paid a lot more for it and am not at all happy with the speed.  I can’t believe that you can get such quality gaming machines at such reasonable prices.  As you mentioned, these will also last a lot longer than your average laptop and be able to keep up with advances in software much better.  I’ve bookmarked this post for next time!

    1. Hello. It’s true there are laptops which are expensive and don’t deliver compared to others that might be cheaper. For example the Acer Nitro 5 compared to the Dell Inspiron is better in every aspect that is perfomance related (GPU, CPU, Disk ) and is cheaper by 11$!.

      Even in the Acer Nitro 5 “realm”, there are versions which are more expensive and less perfomant. The Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-53-55G9) has the 8th generation CPU and is cheaper than the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-51-55WL) which has the 7th generation CPU. All the other parts are the same. There is a reviewer who ordered the first and got the second.

      I’m planning of putting more laptops to this article, maybe some more expensive for those who want a gaming laptop that can play big titles in medium or high graphics for 2-3 more years.

      Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to hearing from you! Have a nice day.

  7. Hi George,

    It has been a while since I have played on anything other than a games console. I used to love flight simulators though on my old PC. What kind of gaming laptop would you recommend for graphic heavy flight simulators? I’m assuming that it would have to have a suitable port for a joystick?

    1. Hello Tom. The port for a joystick to connect to a PC is USB, so it’s present in every laptop there is. I looked up X-Plane 11 and it needs 16GB of RAM and 4GB of VRAM as the recommended settings.

      For $1000, you could get the Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018 Version) which has the GTX 1060 with 6GB of VRAM and 16GB RAM. Of course it has NVMe SSD disk – it is unheard of at this price for the laptop not to have one.

      You can check my comparison on the Predator Helios 300 (2018 and 2019 Edition) along with the Acer Nitro 5 with the i7 CPU.

      To make the long story short, the Predator Helios 300 has the GTX 1660 Ti , which has better perfomance than the GTX 1060 6GB. The cost is $200 more. It also has the 9th Gen i7 core, but most of the games use mostly the GPU.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope I provided you with a satisfying answer. Have a nice day.

  8. Thank you so much for all the detail and the review on what to look for a gaming laptop. My nephew begged me for a gaming laptop for quite sometime now and this post has given me so much information! I am usually a big fan of HP but from what I see all the specs here I think Acer Nitro looks ideal to me. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Nuttanee for stopping by. Well my image of HP is of good gaming laptops as well. It’s just the price. If you got plenty of HP laptops before, you can share the whole experience so I (and the rest of the viewers) know better.

      Nowadays that I did my research, I found out mostly that Acer Nitro 5 and Asus Tuf gaming laptops are the most value for money. MSI has good laptops as well, it’s just the price is higher for what they offer.

      Check out if you want they new Asus Tuf FX 505DT. It came out recently. It has the GTX 1650, which is more powerful than the GTX 1050 Ti and the RX 560x that you might see at this price ranges ($700).

      It also has a 256GB PCIe (NVMe) SSD, which is pretty good, considering that many of the laptops I reviewed here still have HDD as the primary storage. CPU is Ryzen 5 3550H, which will be enough for gaming, since most games do not use the CPU as much as the GPU.

      The Acer Nitro 5 with the RX560X at $599 looks good. I want one too haha. I’m happy you stopped by. Have a nice day.

  9. Excellent review on affordable gaming laptops. It’s very interesting reading through your write-up, because the gaming experience will be very exciting indeed. All the specifications listed are adequate, because I know not all laptops can do the job.

    You have made my day thanks to this informative article, kudos to you, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Abayomi for your kind words. Well for a gaming laptop that still uses the HDD as primary storage “won’t do the job” for me. I’m tired of the slowness of these disks like a decade ago.

      Most graphics cards and CPU combos can play most games at low or medium presets, but the thing is to look out what other laptops exist. Why buy a laptop for example with a worse GPU when there is one with a better at the same price or cheaper?

      I hope that if you buy a gaming laptop, to make the right choice and get the best value for money. You can always contact me or leave a comment here if you think I can be of any help.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.

  10. James Cavendish

    Hey your post is very in-depth, I appreciate the time it must have taken you to complete, I have been looking for a gaming laptop for my son for his next birthday and I wanted to know more, it is so great you have placed the reviews and links here too so, I will definitely be able to get the right one now, thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hello James. It took me quite a while but I enjoyed doing that. Good value for money laptops are an eye candy so I am looking for them and try and share the fun.

      If you want the cheapest gaming laptop that is also a worthy value for money, you can certainly get one Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM). It’s the one with the RX 260X Graphics Card. It’s currently at $599.99 (from BestBuy).

      If you want one that will be able to play games for 2-3 years to come, you can get one Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop (2019). The model number is TUF505DU-EB74. It costs $1100 (Amazon) and it’s a good value for money. It has an 120 Hz Monitor as well.

      Depending on what you need, I hope you make the right choice. Have a beautiful day.

  11. George, this review is extremely helpful. You have covered all of the basis. I have been doing my best to try to avoid wasting money on a laptop that is branded as gaming laptop but has so many restrictions about what it can actually play. On one hand, I was feeling compelled to read through this post a little more slowly this weekend when I have more time. That way I could weigh the pro’s and cons.

    Yet, when I clicked on the link for the Acer Nitro 5 that you suggested, I saw that Best Buy currently (as of Aug 27)  has it on sale for $70 off. That makes it an even better deal. I don’t want to miss out in the savings.  


    1. Hello Sondra. Nice to have you here. That Acer Nitro on Best Buy is sweet right now. The RX 260X outperforms the GTX 1050 Ti which is usually the rival (on good cases).

      Of course the SSD is a very important factor, especially if you can get one on a budget gaming laptop. The other Acer Nitro 5 (same laptop but with an HDD on it) has been sold out.

      This SSD (on this specific model) is NVMe, which is the newest technology on SSDs. Older are SATA3, which are still like 2-3 times faster than the HDD (I payed $200 to buy 2 SSDs when they were still new just to get my PC a little faster).

      There was one good deal at $850 but unfortunately when I found it, it had 1 piece left. I put up a widget at the right side for good deals. Well I am planning on putting good deals on whatever I can find that is gaming related.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day.

  12. Thank you so much for this… I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of HP, or Compaq for that matter. I know they’ve come a long way but they left a bad taste in my mouth years ago.

    I’ve been eyeing Asus more and more. It wasn’t long ago that I’d drop $3k+ on a top of the line Alienware (now part of Dell) setup but today’s budget machines are very capable. I do like Dell but have only dealt with them on a business use case and have not evaluated their offerings for gaming use.

    You’ve given me quite a bit to work with here. I’ll be narrowing down my options based on the info you’ve provided.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hello Scott. I was never a fan of HP either, but the brand had good reputation in my mind. When I was doing army service, I saw someone with an HP laptop and it looked nice to me.

      I’ve been mostly an MSI fan, but Acer and Asus are growing on me, mostly because of their value for their money. They offer good GPUs and SSDs at better prices than the rest.

      I’ve heard good words about Dell as well, never got to see one up close. Like 2 days ago there was an Asus gaming laptop with GTX 1660 Ti at $850 (And 16GB of RAM). That was one heck of a deal but unfortunately there was 1 piece left when I found it and it got sold after 1 day.

      Usually gaming laptops with GTX 1660 Ti range start from $1k. But if you are looking for a cheap gaming laptop that is worth the money, the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-ROYM) from Best Buy will do ($599.99). It is $70 on discount right now. Please note that with a budget laptop like this you might not be able to play heavy duty titles that might come up like next year or in 2 years.

      But if you are only into competitive games, most of them will play fine. If you need a gaming laptop for future big titles as well, you can get one with the GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. Of course at $1k a NVMe SSD and 16GB RAM is a must-have. And an i7 8th or 9th gen CPU. 120-144Hz Monitors are common at that price range as well.

      If you are buying a laptop soon, I hope you make the right choice. You can contact me or even leave a comment here If you think I can be of any help. Have a nice day.

  13. Hello George. Great article. Thanks for sharing with us such a nice information. In this modern world of today, people like gaming more than they did in the past. However many people have no Idea what criteria they must apply in order to buy a good laptop for gaming. I like gaming but I was not aware of the basic criteria to apply when buying a gaming laptop. This information has been of great help to me and others as well. All the best.


    1. Hello Barrack. I’m glad this article helped you. I’ve put the buying tips in the beginning because it’s no use putting them in the end. Technology evolves everyday and gaming relies on the technological advances, so a good and up-to-date guide (not only on hardware) is a necessity.

      Generally speaking, you don’t need to spend over $1200 for a gaming laptop unless you are a geek and you have lots of money to spend on “shiny objects!”.

      I will tell you the truth, since I found that Acer Nitro 5 at $599.99 (Model AN515-43-ROYM), I’ve been thinking about it a lot!. Too bad I can’t buy it at the moment.

      If you happen to find a good laptop deal, you can share it here or contact me and I will put in somewhere that can be seen!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Be well and enjoy your day.

  14. Your article is quite thorough.  Though I am not into gaming myself, I have friends who are, and will refer your article to them.  

    I was very glad to see you had an article in your technical section explaining all the meanings of the initials you gave, like the types of hard drives, etc. One thing that might be helpful for folks like me who are not familiar with the terminology or the abbreviations would be a little “glossary” of terms.  Otherwise I tend to become glassy-eyed and vague, because I don’t understand.

    As popular as gaming is, your article provides needed information.

    1. Hello Fran. It makes me happy that you found the technical section useful. When it comes to hard drives, things can get confusing, especially with the SSDs. Some letters are used to describe the external size of the disk (like 2.5″ or M.2) and others to describe the protocol (interface) they communicate (SATA3, PCIe or NVMe).

      The NVMe protocol is the fastest of them all for SSDs (The NVMe protocol uses the M.2 Form Factor – Size). But SSDs can be in the M.2 Form Factor and use the SATA3 protocol. The difference is just one connector.

      Also SSDs can be in 2.5″ Form Factor. To make the story short, get an SSD wherever you can to relieve of yourself of headaches! HDDs are like the VHS cassettes so avoid them as much as possible!

      Be well and have a beautiful day.

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