Acer SB220Q Bi Review


Full HD (1080p)


AMD Radeon FreeSync


75Hz Refresh Rate


Value For Money


Ultra Thin



  • AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • Can Tilt
  • Amazon's Choice
  • 4ms Response Time
  • IPS Monitor


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No Wall Mount

Acer SB220Q Bi Review – Intro

Take a look at this Acer SB220Q Bi Review if you want the cheapest FHD (1080p) gaming monitor with maximum Refresh Rate at 75Hz. Worth for the price.

I know you might have heard about 144Hz or 240Hz being good monitors (especially for competitive gaming), but you might be in a bind right now so you need something cheap. 75Hz isn’t a nightmare it’s just the recommended Refresh Rate.

If you want to dwell into more detail about gaming monitors, you can check my link on what a gaming monitor is.

Resolution – Is 1080p any good?

At this price range you can find less than 1080p and less is not worth it. 1080p (FHD – Full HD) is the most commonly used resolution so it will work just fine.

What is 1080p?

1080p means 1080pixels from top to bottom. The monitor is rectangular so the pixels from left to right are more. Hence 1920 x 1080.

Refresh Rate

To play a game smoothly, you need at least 60 FPS. This monitor provides an update frequency of up to 75 Hz.

FPS and Hz – What’s their relationship

Hz is the update frequency of the screen. FPS is the update frequency of the game. It’s just Hz is the name of the creator (Hertz) while FPS stands exactly as it is.

So for example if your game plays at 100FPS and the screen has Max Update Frequency (Hz) 75Hz, then 25 frames won’t be displayed on the screen.

Of that won’t ruin your game, since 60 FPS is the minimum to play things smoothly.

Problems that can occur are some imperfections on same drawed frames on screen or some input might not be read.

The unread input issue is not certain to happen as it depends on the software of the game.

For example if the game for every frame updates the input (keys pressed) as well, then missing some frames has a chance that some input can be missed.

You can always adjust you game to lower your FPS to match your screen’s update frequency.

AMD FreeSync

Acer SB220Q Bi Review - AMD FreeSync Image

So what is AMD FreeSync? It’s AMD’s technology that enables the monitor to adjust the Refresh Rate dynamically based on your game’s FPS.

Nvidia has a technology like this but the monitors supporting it are more expensive (and require that your computer has a Nvidia graphics card).

But Nvidia graphics cards can work with AMD FreeSync only through the Display Port and this monitor doesn’t have a Display Port so it’s suitable for an AMD card PC or laptop.

Plus the Nvidia graphics card need to be “certified” or else there could be problems.

Anime Intro Break

Why not take a break and relax? Ok if you don’t want you can skip!.

IPS Panel

There are 3 Panel Types. TN (Usually with more response time), IPS (with more colour gamut), VA (something in between TN and IPS).

So this Panel is an IPS Panel with 4ms response time. Not bad for this price.

Response Time

This monitor offers 4ms Response Time which is great. I’ve seen quite a few videos on the Response Time spec, I will share them here because the explain some useful distinctions (technical related or marketing related).

Don’t read too much if you have seen the above videos. Most gaming monitors are marketed from 5ms to 1ms Response Time. So 4ms Response Time for a cheap monitor like this is pretty good.

Conclusion – Acer SB220Q Bi Review

Acer SB220Q Bi 75Hz Monitor

The Best Value For Money Monitor. It's also on Amazon's choice.

Editor's Rating:

To sum up, this monitor (Acer SB220Q Bi) is considered a good choice for its price. It has AMD FreeSync, which is something I can’t find in other monitors of the same price range.

Of course if you need a wall mount, you should get another.

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