About George

Welcome to Live Gaming Equipment. I created this site to promote gaming equipment (mostly) of different kind not only as a means of making money but because this is what gets me excited and does not bore me. These products that i recommend will be researched as much as possible and many of them will be my choice of purchase if i can afford them.

My Story

I started playing video games at early age maybe 6, (well i am born at 1989 in Greece so internet and gaming wasn’t so popular at that time) . Until i got a PC i was playing console games but when i had PC i played mostly PC games (mmorpg). My first mmorpg was Mu online, then i switched to Lineage2 and played that for most of the time. I played periodically World of Warcraft and some Dota but mostly Lineage 2 (official and private servers).

Now these days i play League of Legends. Other games became paid to win, not really interesting to me. If things go well, i might open a Youtube channel for LoL( i have one but it is for experimenting). For me, gaming is a lifestyle(as is for many others of course way better than me) and it is really annoying that some people think games are for kids only. I recently saw some video in YouTube for Crash Team Racing – so many hidden passages (bugs or not) – and i thought i was good at CTR (well not good at all compared to that person hehe).

Why Gaming

Young or not so young, everyone plays games. Well i like sitting in my room playing games all day and i like gaming equipment too so why not make a living out of it. People want to spend more time doing what they enjoy and excite them and less what not. In this day of online selling and online technology where this is possible , why not do this? I like gaming equipment too because is flashy and cool and not a boring standard pc or laptop. Gaming is useful too to blow steam, say stuff that afterwards you don’t mean and it’s good that there is not a person in front of you.

The goal of this site

The ultimate goal of this site is to provide the best suggestion for gaming equipment possible and keep it up to date. Last but not least, it will suggest other stuff not only related to gaming hardware, but maybe also software and other things that might be useful for other purposes.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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